Keeping Right Tix Going Fast

On September 3, 1967, five people in Stockholm with romances and resentments, deals and dilemmas, secrets and second thoughts are in charge of Högertrafik**, this switch from driving on the left to driving on the right.

What could go wrong?

** Don’t worry if you don’t know Swedish; neither do our actors!

See Atticus Cain, Winnie Stack, John Blaylock, Lynn Kim Do , and Ed Altman in Keeping Right the new play by T.J. Elliott. For FREE tix to one of our seven Live Zoom performances, just click here.

If you can, please donate to our GoFundMe effort. During this time of great crisis for those in the world of theater, actors face two daunting challenges: being able to practice their art in some way while stages are dark and dealing with the displacement of their ‘straight jobs’ that allow them in better times to keep body and soul together. We will split all monies donated for Keeping Right equally and exclusively amongst our five immensely gifted actors listed above Just click here to give: $1, $10, or whatever seems right for you.  

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