Jackson Rosenberry is excited theater is back with Genealogy opening at Broom Street and so are we!

Jackson Rosenberry

posted by T.J. Elliott

The combination of the lingering effects of the pandemic and the distance to Madison, Wisconsin from our homes in the New York City area meant that Joe Queenan and I did not meet many of the actors in our Genealogy cast in person when we had our Zoom table reading a few months ago. And then when we were auditioning several actors for the part of Glenn Weber, the former MTV personality now hosting what another character in the play describes as the “tabloid version” of ancestry podcasts, watching applicants on video was the only method available to us. Jackson Rosenberry stood out even on that colder medium for his energy and inventiveness.

Thus, I wasn’t surprised when we asked for his bio after he was chosen for the role to read its very first sentence: “Jackson Rosenberry is very excited to work on this production.” Finally meeting him a few weeks ago in person and watching his work in the first two rehearsals, I realized that this was something of an understatement. Jackson plunged dynamically into the role and I found myself cracking up at the ingenuities of his interpretations. He also read the script so carefully that he caught a mistake we had made in describing someone’s ancestor. I don’t think I will ever get over the sensation of gratification that comes from recognizing someone has read our words very carefully.

As I learned more about Jackson’s work in the theater, I understood the strong foundation that he brings to our work. Since moving to Madison in 2017, Jackson has been involved in multiple productions around Madison including Henry IV Part 2 and The Merry Wives of Windsor, both produced by the Madison Shakespeare Company. He has also been involved with several productions at Broom Street Theater, including Lysistrata, and Hamilton: The Original 1917 Broadway Smash Hit. Having an opportunity to grab a drink at the Weary Traveler after one of the rehearsals with Jackson, it was very clear how very happy he is to return to Broom Street once again to bring the love of theater back to Madison after such a long time. And that long time is now less than a week before Genealogy directed by Dana Pellebon opens at Broom Street Theater Our live stream on the Broom Street YouTube channel will be on November 19 and we are very happy that Jackson Rosenberry will be part of our fine cast.

Jackson in action at Genealogy rehearsal

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