Thank God for Stage Managers (and just nice people) like Karl Reinhardt

Karl Reinhardt

Some of the people reading this blog post have now experienced the strange phenomenon also visited upon me earlier this month. It’s it’s okay, the experience proved to be a good thing, a very good thing. I walked into a theater, specifically Broom Street Theater which is producing my and Joe Queenan’s play, Genealogy and stood with actors and other crewmembers for the first time in two years. Strange and wonderful. But somewhat nerve-racking as well. And that’s one reason why meeting Karl Reinhardt, Stage Manager for Genealogy, made me happy and grateful. Anyone who has ever worked in theater knows the extraordinary value of the stage manager in regard to their skills and knowledge. But if they also turn out to be a really nice person who chats with you about life and art then that’s magnificent!

Karl is such a person and he has been on the Madison, WI theater scene for twenty years. He has graced the stage as an actor in such shows as Torch Song Trilogy as “Ed” and Almost, Maine as “East” and “Lendall” among many other offbeat and independent productions. As a high school teacher and auditorium director, he has challenged the acting abilities and sensibilities of the parent audience in Lodi, WI with his creative approaches when directing such shows as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Gypsy, and Night of the Living Dead. Karl is scheduled to direct ‘Attack of the Killer Bs’ at Broom Street in March 2022. He has also spent many an hour in the wings and the tech booth as a stage manager and board operator. He tells us that he is proud to be a small part of bringing Genealogy to audiences. And we tell him he’s too modest. Find out for yourself the effects of Karl’s work along with the rest of the cast and crew by watching our November 19 live stream of genealogy at 9 PM Eastern 8 PM central. Tickets are free at this website although if you want while you are there to make a donation to support the marvelous Broom Street Theater that is also possible.

The Cast of Genealogy: (L-R) Donavon Armbruster — Hamilton Hunt,
Jamie England — Muggs Moriarty Hunt,
Quanda Johnson — Aaliyah Lewin-Wilson, Atticus Cain — Mosiah Wilson,
Jackson Rosenberry — Glenn Weber

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