About Knowledge Workings


Our History

In January 2018, Joe Queenan and T.J. Elliott started writing their ‘problem comedies’. These plays explore difficult issues in a humanistic and entertaining fashion seeking through their collaboration with actors, director, other theater professionals, and the audience to provoke discussion and understanding of issues and ideas critical to our time such as race, religion, and polarization. In order to avoid the drawn-out processes of submissions, they formed Knowledge Workings to self-produce this still growing work. Our first Off-Broadway Equity showcase, Alms, enjoyed a sold-out run at TheaterLab in NYC. In that production and now with our 2nd play, Grudges, our main aim is to gain other opportunities to stage and to work for all involved. While not yet incorporated as a 501c3, Knowledge Workings is nonprofit in spirit seeking primarily to present play, not garner profits.Knowledge Workings is a member of Alliance of Resident Theaters/New York

Grudges by Elliott and Queenan
Grudges by T.J. Elliott & Joe Queenan ran for 9 performances on Zoom

Our Mission

Draw upon our knowledge of the world and its very different people to create plays that make people laugh even as they become aware of the complexity of topics on which we often talk past each other.
Create a company to fulfill this purpose by getting plays up for audiences with more concern for quick communication than eventual commercialization.
Fulfill what Hilton Als described, “Theatre isn’t real. It’s a refraction of reality, containing feelings and thoughts that are put forth, first, in a primary text, which the actor interprets—an interpretation that the director supports or edits, in an attempt to help build, in a made-up world, an atmosphere of verisimilitude.”
Have a damn good time while doing these things.

Our Team

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to these theater productions. Their talent and passion astonishes; their dedication to getting theater up energizes.
Notable collaborators include graceful helpers from the very start with our first reading April Woodall and John L. Payne. John Clay — director of Alms and Witness — is an invaluable colleague as are the stars of that sold-out production: Jack Farrell, Kathleen Huber, Aaron Long, Supporter from the get-go and marvelous actress and acting coach, Lynne Otis, James Lawson, Gahlia Eden, Sarah Lewis Smith, Marjorie Phillips Elliott, Jasmine Dorothy Haefner, John Blaylock, Aaron Montgomery, Gifford Elliott, Lynn Kim Do, Winnie Stack, Atticus Cain, Emma Denson, Patrick O’Shea, Ed Altman, A.J. Elliott on marketing, and Jason Elliott on this website domain transfer
Think you would be a good fit for such a group? Get in touch for a conversation!

Let’s make something together.

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