Genealogy: A Refraction of Reality

The Team Teeming With Talent

The play does not exist in the theater as a written text it has been absorbed in the process of  production. Drama is  ‘translated’ or transformed into the person of the actor — “the body of the art of the theater”, as Stark Young put it.

Harold Clurman, On Directing

Theatre isn’t real. It’s a refraction of reality, containing feelings and thoughts that are put forth, first, in a primary text, which the actor interprets—an interpretation that the director supports or edits, in an attempt to help build, in a made-up world, an atmosphere of verisimilitude.
Hilton Als

The collaboration bringing Genealogy into reality draws upon a superb group of actors, directors, designers, producers, and playwrights. Meet them below in “the process of production” of this paly in which “a shocking ancestral connection revealed during the taping of a reality podcast incites a series of surprising negotiations and unanticipated antics among its participants.”
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Our Podcast at the Center of Genealogy
Hamilton Hunt listens while Mosiah Wilson explains reality to Glenn Webber
Things get a little out of hand on Chasing The Dead
Things get a LOT out of hand on the podcast Chasing The Dead
Quanda Johnson as Aaliyah Levin-Wilson
Donavon Armbruster as a surprised Hamilton Hunt
Atticus Cain and Quanda Johnson
Jamie England
Top: Atticus Cain, T.J. Elliott, Dana Pellebon, Jamie England, Martha White Bottom: Quanda Johnson, Donavon Armbruster, Jackson Rosenberry
Director Dana Pellebon, Co-Playwright T.J. Elliott and Assistant Director Martha White
Jamie England as Muggs Moriarty

Photos from the first week of rehearsal October 11-12

Donavon Armbruster as Hamilton Hunt
First reading as BST reopens!!!


Jackson Rosenberry
(Glenn Weber)

Donavon Armbruster
(Hamilton Hunt)

Jamie England
(Muggs Moriarty Hunt)

Atticus Cain
(Mosiah Wilson)

Quanda Johnson
(Aaliyah Lewin-Wilson)

Stage Manager Karl Reinhardt joins top left
Atticus Cain & Quanda Johnson as Mosiah Wilson and Aaliyah Levin-Wilson
Jackson Rosenberry as Glenn Weber
Director Dana Pellebon Framing the Action

Dana Pellebon
Director & Coproducer

Martha E. White
Assistant Director

Karl Reinhardt
Stage Manager

Genealogy is live November 5, 6, 11-13, 18-20 or via our streaming performance on that final weekend. For those of you who can travel to Madison, you can purchase tickets at this link.