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Atticus Cain and Quanda Johnson as Mosiah Wilson and Aaliyah Levin-Wilson, two of those probing the past in Genealogy

Gwendolyn Rice of Isthmus newspaper  said of our new play Genealogy currently at Broom Street Theater through November 20 that this production was “skillfully directed by Dana Pellebon, (and) is important viewing… (Genealogy) provides a thoughtful forum for a lot of issues on race and reparations, discussed seriously among equals, and that is valuable.” And anyone anywhere can see it live streamed on YouTube by clicking on this link to get free tix for the November 19 show taking place at 9 PM Eastern 8 PM central. don’t miss the play Rice described as “part history lesson, part tag-team wrestling match, and part thoughtful debate” 

 Donavon Armbruster, Jamie England, Jackson Rosenberry, Quanda Johnson, and Atticus Cain
Chasing the Dead is the podcast hosted by Glenn Weber (Jackson Rosenberry) at the center of our play Genealogy
Jamie England as Muggs Moriarty Hunt and Quanda Johnson as Aaliyah Lewin-Wilson face-off in Genealogy