Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration — Yes, Again!

Come sing, versify, or just listen
on March 17th, the Feast of St. Patrick,
Patron Saint of Ireland

Last year as the pandemic was new, Gifford and T.J. Elliott of Knowledge Workings Theater put out a last minute call for singers and speakers to create a virtual St. Patrick’s Day cóisir, a party, much as we are used to having for many years on 17 March with friends and family. More than a few generous and talented souls responded and we ended up with 27 videos on our YouTube channel here. Happy St. Patrick’s Day indeed!!!

Now the pandemic is old — and we pray going to leave the stage very soon with all of us giving it a hearty push — yet in its viciousness still requiring us to celebrate this special day at a digital distance. Knowledge Workings Theater intends to accomplish two things with our asynchronous ceili: spread joy and support Irish Repertory Theatre of New York City. We can score the first goal by gathering together those who have a song or a poem or even a dance they wish to share commemorating St. Patrick and Irish heritage along with those who wish to listen and watch. We bag the second goal by getting folks to make a donation of whatever amount to Irish Rep. Buy a ticket to one of their online shows, drop a few bucks in their general fund, or donate to the capital fund for the refurbishment of their 22nd street stages where we all hope to be very soon again sharing the superb dramas and comedies they produce. Their work during the last year entertained and edified so many of us. Our own motto is #maketheaterlive and Irish Rep did that splendidly. (We have no connection to Irish Rep whatsoever; we don’t even know the good folks except by their work. We just think it’s a good thing to give them money on St. Patrick’s Day.)

If you wish to be a part of our celebration or have questions, just email Knowledge Workings On March 16th, we will open up the YouTube channel with your new contributions as well as last year’s offerings. Sruthóidh an ceol agus na dánta gan deireadh; the music and poems will flow without end!

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